A Raisin in the Sun

. Why did the author refer to Langston Hughes’ “Harlem”--or “Raisin in the Sun”--poem? In what ways does the poem’s theme show itself in the conclusion of Ms. Hansberry’s play?

Raisin in the Sun, entire screenplay

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This poem asks the question if when one has a dream that is put on hold (a dream deferred), if that dream withers like a "raisin in the sun." Certainly the family in this play could suffer with many dreams "deferred." One daughter may have to put off her desire to go to medical school; Walter cannot support his family because of what happens to the money when the liquor store deal falls through; the mother who dreams big things for her family including a house in a good, white neighborhood must consider that her dream might be deferred. All of the characters in the play face "dream deferred" problems.


"Harlem: A Dream Deferred"