A Passage to India

Why do you think Aziz told Adela to send her hostile servant away so they could all be Moslems together?

Think about:

- how Aziz acted and what he said in the mosque

- what he said to gfielding when he showed him the picture of his wife

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Aziz finds that Antony, the servant that the women are bringing, is not to be trusted, so he suggests that he is unnecessary, but Antony insists that Ronny wants him to go. Mohammed Latif bribes Antony not to go on the trip with them. Aziz's character flaws become more explicit in this chapter, as he feels the strain of trying to impress Adela and Mrs. Moore. Although Aziz has good intentions, he is tense and controlling. The bribery of Antony is a disturbing action for Aziz and Mohammed Latif. They use devious means to ensure that Ronny's servant not attend the trip, and their actions are thus susceptible to great misinterpretation. Furthermore, the absence of Fielding from the trip will leave Aziz without an intermediary between him and the English women that will contribute to the troubles that will soon occur.