A Passage to India

I have some questions about the chapter one (mosque) of this book

1) How did Aziz know that Mrs Moore had recently arrived in India?

2) Why did Aziz begin to act kindly towards Mrs Moore?

3) What meaning of the verb "to see" did Mr Fielding use when he ssaid "Try seeing Indians"?

4) What meaning did Mrs Lesley use?

5) What was Mrs Moore implying when she said to Mrs Callendar, "What if he went to heaven"?

6) Why did Aziz think that the English roads symbolised the net Great Britain had thrown over India?

7) How did the Civil Surgeon humiliate Aziz?

8) How did Mrs Callendar and Mrs Lesley humiliate Aziz?

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Can you please submit each one separately? Thanks. I'll take your first one here. This actually takes place in chapter 2:

He knew by the way she addressed him,

I think you are newly arrived in India."

"Yes— how did you know?"

"By the way you address me."