A Passage to India

Discuss Foster's presentation of the wives of the english officials,and their contribution to the novel?

passage to india

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For the most part, Foster's presentation of the colonial wives is to stereotype them as snobbish, discourteous women. The are racist, rude, condescending and uncivil to the Indian people.

Mrs. Moore would be an exception to this stereotype. She is quiet, intelligent and respectful. Her behavior is impeccable, thoughtful, and her approach is as that of an equal.

Adela Quested is very like her companion. She's smart and thinks for herself. Although, unlike Mrs. Moore, she is far more vocal is her disapproval of the other wives and is not well liked. Unfortunately, it is Adela's false testimony that destroys Aziz, and in turn, her own sense of self. Note, she does redeem herself with her testimony, something that was difficult because the damage had already been done.


A Passage to India