A Passage to India

describe the relationships between hindus and muslim ?


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I believe the article linked below will assist you in formualting and answer to this question. The article directly relates to the issue of Muslim/ Hindu relations in A Passage to India.

Title of Article: Hindu-Muslim Relations



This is a pretty broad topic. You should go ahead and read the above article but aI think it is worth mentioning that most religious conflicts are, in the end, about power and money. My parents are from India, I sort of grew up reading about this conflict in particular; I find it interesting. Ironically Muslims and Hindus got along quite fine under foreign occupation. Everyone knew that eventual transfer of power from Britain to India would result in strife. Pakistan was formed out of demand on both sides for autonomy, power and money. Religion merely formed the excuse for leaders from both sides claiming what they did. The masses, given a rallying point of religion, followed the rhetoric handed down to them by politicians; even India's beloved Mahatma Gandhi was not able to stop the inevitable bloodshed. So many years after the partition, relations are still strained. The reasons have very little to do with religion and everything to do with money and power.