A Passage to India

capitolo 5 es pag 75

es 1

a. why did fielding say he was sorry he had said that miss quested was mad?

b. according to the collector, what happens when the english and the indians try to be friends?

c. how did the europians react to the incident at the marabar caves?

d. whay wasn't mcbryde surprised about what appened at the marabar caves?

e. what appened at the marabar caves according to McBryde?

f. why did McBryde think thay his opinion of indians was better than fielding's?

g. why did hamidullah want amritrao to be Aziz's lawyer?

h. what was godbole's opinion of the evil action performed at the marabar caves?

es 2

why did forster say that it was impossible to regard a tragedy from two points of view?

es 3

a. what do you think was fielding's explanation of the incident?

b. what was McBryde's explanation?

c. what was bodbole's explanation?

d. what do you think happened?

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There are far too many questions listed in this box. I will check out the first two and answer them below. However, please post the others separately, so that other student's questions might be answered in a timely manner as well.

C) There is an accident on the marabar road. The car hits an animal, and the two young Europeans (Adela and Ronny) are quite unfazed.

Are you sure you have the right chapter for these questions. The actual trip to the caves takes place much later in the novel?

yes, this is some question about a chapter V..