A Modest Proposal and Other Satires

what problem does the speaker describe in the first two paragraphs?

what problem does Swift talk about at the beggining of the story?

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the speaker talks about the issues of money and how poor the irish person is in this time. they find it very difficult to maintain a lifestyle. swift suggests that it cost a lot of money to raise a child and without the burden of having children life would be easier for the people.


a modest proposal

The first two paragraphs discuss the abject poverty in Ireland during the early 1700s, and the burdens and problems that poverty imposed on the public, especially through the children of the poor. The examples that Swift gives are the beggars in the streets and the children (who were raised poor) growing up to be criminals or leaving the country. He is saying that these children are a burden to the general population and they do nothing to give back to their community so he is suggesting that a solution be proposed that makes this children more useful to the public.