A Modest Proposal and Other Satires

How is swift treating the mothers and children in his proposal?

During the proposal

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Swift believes that the proposal will encourage mothers to stop having babies, and thus save poor mothers from performing abortions. This was a swipe at the Catholic church which considered large families a necessity and abortion a sin.

Children are seen as worthless, unnecessary, and good for nothing. Unless of course you agree with his summation that they make excellent food. :-D

The chief proposal lists six reasons why it would be good for the country to adopt the proposal. One of those reason cites that people will not have to pay for the upkeep or raising of their children. This allows people to have more spending money and will increase the nation's overall wealth. Another, is the fact that women would no longer be stuck at home raising children, but rather be having children as a money raising venture. Women would take better care of their infants so that they may be sold, and men will take better care of their wives so that their wives can make more babies to sell.