A Long Way Gone

Which characters have behaved unethically towards others? explain how. chapters 10-15

A long way gone (book)

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I think the leaders of the Government forces like Lieutenant Jabati bear some responsibility for turning these boys into killers. Jabati is Ishmael Beah's commanding officer during his service in the Sierra Leone military. Jabati is known for reading and quoting Shakespeare, particularly Julius Caesar; he is also known as an orater who would lecture and exhort his troops for hours in preparation for future combat. Jabati has a flair for the dramatic, once displaying the bodies of a man and his son to the villagers as a deterrent to their fleeing into the forest wehre the rebels are hidden.

Beah comes to trust Jabati as he does no other adult, primarily due to his position of authority and the necessity of such trust to survival. Jabati seemingly betrays Beah by selecting hiim to be among the children taken by UNICEF to be fofered a second chance at normal lives.