A Long Way Gone

What religion is Ishmaels uncle? what two clues show us that


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I'm not sure I see this. What chapter are you referring to?

I'm not sure; I haven't read this section very closely, but I bet he's a Muslim. From the mention of the imam earlier in the book, that his friend's name is Mohamed, and that Beah's name is Ishmael, I'd guess that Beah is a Muslim. From that, I'd infer that it runs in his family because otherwise, A Long Way Gone would probably contain his or his family's conversion story. On page 178, it says that his father and uncle had multiple mothers. Polygamy is commonly practiced in Muslim nations, but it's also a part of African culture, so you can decide if that's valid proof. "We heard a call for prayer that echoed throughout the city" (182). After that, Uncle Tommy says he has to go pray. In traditionally Muslim countries, a loud noise, known as a prayer call, is played to remind everyone to pray. (Muslims have to pray, I believe, five times a day, facing Mecca.)

Oh and I forgot to add, on page 208, at the uncle's funeral an imam reads suras (I believe those are passages from the Qur'an, or Muslim holy book).


A Long Way Gone by: Ishmael Beah