A Long Way Gone

What is "the box' that Ishmael doesn't know how to operate? What does that tell you about how his life is much different from your life?

A Long Way Gone - Chapter 18-19

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"The box" is an elevator. Ishmael's ognorance of this type of machinery speaks to the lack of technology and modern conveniences that we takefor granted.

I hesitantly walked into the congested box and the boys laughed at me, as I stood there unaware that I had to press the button for the box to start moving. I had never been in a box like this before. Where was it taking us? A boy in a blue shirt squeezed his way past me and pressed the number 5 button. It lit up, and the box closed on us. I looked about me and saw that everyone was calm, so I knew that there was no need to worry. The box began to move up, fast.


A Long Way Gone