A Long Way Gone

What concepts or developments are concluded in chapter 6. (I forget what happens). God bless.

God bless

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Beah makes use of flashback and foreshadowing both in this chapter. He calls upon his memory of Junior’s stone-skipping lesson to illustrate the love and care Junior showed him growing up. The older brother’s protection and concern contrast with the present situation, in which Junior is lost in his own thoughts and unable to console or reassure his little brother. Then Beah flashes back to his experience at harvest time, when Beah’s grandmother had allowed him to pour wine on the soil to thank their gods for a good harvest. Finally, Beah is reminded of his youth when he takes note of the little boy who always seems to start fights



Beah is using his flashbacks to describe what he's in right now. (The situation he's in right now is very sad...and very scary).