A Long Way Gone

What are some of the key plot events that have occurred in this section? chapters 12, 13, 14, 15

a long way gone

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Chapter 12:

The boys are taken and brought to a village named Yele.

The boys are forced to join the Sierra Leonean army or die.

Beah and the other boys begin their training as soldiers.

Chapter 13:

The boys go to church before a planned ambush.

Beah participates in his first skirmish but is unable to shoot his gun.

Josiah and Musa are killed.

Chapter 14:

Beah becomes addicted to drugs, which are given to him by the officers.

The soldiers participate in many raids in order to get supplies.

Beah wins a contest in which he has to slit another boys throat...... or have his own throat slit.

Chapter 15:

Beah is taken by UNICEF

UNICEF transports the boys to Freetown.

The boys act out and give the UNICEF workers a hard time; they fight other groups of boys in an attempt to see where their loyalties are.


A Long Way Gone