A Long Way Gone

On page 49, Beah walks for two days without sleeping. How does he feel? What does he see, do and experience?


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Beah recounts his walking for two days without sleep, stopping only to drink water from streams. He cannot shake the feeling of being followed, and so he keeps pushing himself onward. On the third day, he becomes lost in a forest and has difficulty finding his bearings. He makes eye contact with a snake, which leads him to grab a stick for protection. Even after spending time familiarizing himself with his immediate vicinity, Beah is unable to gain a sense of direction. He resolves to make his temporary stay in this unknown location as comfortable as possible; he clears away dead leaves and marks his path from the campsite to the stream. There is enough food and water nearby that he can stay here indefinitely, so Beah decides to take a break from his walking to rest.