A Long Way Gone

Long way gone!!

do you beleive the handing over of some squad members to UNICEF the lieutenant's own idea and a genuine act of kindness or do you feel he must have forced or bribed in some way? Explain why or why not in your own answer ( I cannot provide the chapter).

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I believe turning over the boys was in a sense, a token of good will. Although, once UNICEF arrived, the Lt. didn't have a choice. Beah does not say why he or the other boys were chosen - he suggests it was random. However, the fact that Alhaji was chosen while Kanei was not suggests that Lieutenant Jabati was choosing the youngest-looking of the boys who could feasibly have a second chance at a normal life. (Beah had previously noted that while Kanei was younger than Alhaji, Alhaji was often considered the younger of the two because Kanei was taller).