A Long Way Gone

In 1-2 well written paragraphs explain why the quote below is a convincing argument from the military for killing the rebels, but, also military propaganda/brainwashing to persuade the boy soldiers into becoming vicious killers for the military.

After the lieutenant tells the boys of the horrific details of the rebels' killing on pg. 108, the lieutenant then also explains "They (the rebels) have lost everything that makes them human. They do not deserve to live... think of it as destroying a great evil. It is the highest service you can perform for your country" (Beah 108)

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The rebels, Revolutionary United Front, were no saints. They were brutal thugs who used child soldiers to kill indiscriminately. On the other hand, the government army was no better. Like the RUF, they also used child soldiers to kill indiscriminately. Sierra Leone, at the time, was a violent chaotic mess. The government forces had an agenda and used a similar rhetoric as the RUF. Propaganda has been used in all wars and conflict zones to convince people that a certain side has a cause that is righteous over the other side that is evil.