A Long Way Gone

hw help: The ending is abrupt. Beah isn't out of danger yet, and he ends w/ a conundrum about a monkey? What's the significance of the monkey story?? How dies it relate to the themes present in Beahs story? Describe how u feel about the ending of the book

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The story Beah chooses to end the memoir with gives insight into Beah’s attitude toward the oppressors in Sierra Leone. The tale of the hunter is meant as a childhood philosophical discussion to force young men and women to weigh an impossible dilemma. Beah knows his choice seems hard-hearted (resulting in his mother's death), but he wants to focus on solving the greater problem beyond the choice between the life of one parent or another. He identifies the monkey who forces the choice as the true threat, and wishes to eliminate that threat to future “hunters.” From this the reader can infer that Beah would see the military regime in Sierra Leone toppled so that it no longer forced boys to choose between life and death, between family and military service, or between childhood and violence - even if it demands a sacrifice. Beah's childhood and innocence were sacrificed, but with this memoir, his words can expose and hopefully help end the atrocity.

I felt that Beah was completely honest with his feelings. It would be impossible to live through the atrocities he both experienced and took part in and come out optimistic about the world. I have to accept his end, it's his story....


A Long Way Gone