A Long Way Gone

How would YOU feel if you were in Ishmael's shoes?

Feelings you would have

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I would feel scared.

Same as Claire's ^^^^^

I would get out of Sierra Leone as fast as I can!

I wouldn't stand there! I would RUN! :)



You know I would just lay down and cry, (or die). I would hate to be in his "shoes"!

As everyone says before, scared, worried, beyond scared/worried. Crying, sad, suffering, death... all of these describe how Ishmael feels... and you of course too.

You know, I would feel ashamed for living in this world. I would be ashamed I was born living in this world. I mean, literally. Ishmael feels like he shouldn't have been born, which I completely understand. So everything that you would feel like if someone was here to kill you and your family. Who are innocent people trying to survive. That's all.

everything one would feel.

I would die of fright. Just too much pressure ya know?