A Long Way Gone

How does Ishmael know Gasemu? What does Gasemu say to Ishmael and how does this awaken Ishmael's memory of him? What did Gasemu say to him about Ishmael when he was little? About his forehead?

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Beah recognizes him as Gasemu, one of the “notorious single men” of Mattru Jong.

As they gather the bananas, Gasemu indicates that he recognizes Beah and tells the young man that his family has been looking for him. At this news, Beah becomes impatient as the memory of his family is rekindled.

Gasemu remembers how Ishmael's forehead used to glow they thought when he was extremely happy.

Can you include quotes for this?

You will have to take a look at the book for that.

OK, thanks for the reference.