A Long Way Gone

Find where Beah reminisces about his family while he is alone?

can you tell me this question answer


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In Chapter Eight, Beah recalls his visit (with Junior) to Kabati. He recalls his grandfather’s lore about local leaves and bark which could be used for various medicinal purposes. Among them is a special medicine that improves the brain’s ability to recall information; Beah remembers his grandfather giving this to him and claims it has given him a photographic memory to this day.

Alone with only his constant thoughts, he cannot stop his mind from pondering the fates of his friends and family. He recounts a story his grandmother once told: there was a hunter of wild pigs who used magic to transform himself into a wild boar. He would lead the herd into an open area then transform himself into a human and shoot the pigs. The pigs discover the secret plant which the hunter is using to effect the transformation back into a human being; once he is gone, the pigs destroy every leaf of this plant they can find. When the hunter attempts his trickery, he cannot turn into a human again; the rest of the pigs surround and kill him. Now wild pigs distrust humans, fearing that any human being they see is there to avenge the hunter.