A Long Way Gone

Chapter 9 pg. 66

What did the chief think of the rap cassette that he found in Beah's pocket?

"OPP how can I explain it

I'll take you frame by frame it

To have y'all jumpin' shall we singin' it

O is for Other P is for People scratchin' temple. . ."

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The chief decides to drown the boys in the ocean. However, Beah's rap music cassettes are found. He explains he used to dance with his brother and friends before the war. The chief orders Beah to dance and he is convinced that the boys are not rebels, but lost children fleeing the violent conflict. When asked whether the boys had been assisted or had stayed in the fisherman’s hut of their own accord, Beah tells the chief that the boys stayed there on their own to spare their caretaker from punishment. The chief releases them but orders them to leave the village and continue on their way.



He knows their not terrorist and lets them go.

"Twelve men run after them and capture them, tying their hands. They are taken to sit in front of the chief. At first the chief thinks they are dangerous rebels. But he also notices the rap cassettes that fall from Ishmael’s pockets. He orders them to be played on a cassette recorder. Ishmael explains what rap music is and how he used to perform the songs himself at talent shows. He gives a demonstration. Now convinced the boys are only children, the chief orders their release. He says they must leave the area immediately."


Me and for the quote got it from: http://www.novelguide.com/a-long-way-gone/summaries/chapter6-chapter10

They're innocent.