A Long Way Gone

A long way gone chapter 16

in this chapter, Ishmael flashes back to his time as a fighter through nightmares and memories. What is the most haunting memory/nightmare? Why? Chapter 16.

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Beah learns to sleep without medication, but at the same time finds himself facing his memories of the war. He recalls an incident where the prisoners from a raided village were buried alive. He recalls stabbing them in the legs and binding them so they could not flee. The boys forced them to dig their own graves then pushed them into them, then began shoveling dirt over them. Throughout the night the boy can hear the prisoners groaning and struggling for breath until they all die of suffocation. The boys joke about the prisoners already being buried. Around the campfire that night, Beah realizes he has several bruises from bullets that only barely missed killing him. He thinks has been too drugged and traumatized to realize the true danger of his experience.