A Long Way Gone

A Long Way Gone

What would be a good title for my essay about the novel?

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This depends what your essay is about. Do you have an idea?

I'm supposed to write about the novel and pick out two themes or so and show text that reveals that theme. The essay needs to be about a truth or lesson that's imparted through the text.

I would consider, the loss of childhood innocence. The first casualties of war are the most vulnerable. In this case children are ripped from their families. Boys that can hold guns are often used as child soldiers. The idea goer that that bullet from a 12 year old is as effective as a bullet from a 40 year old. I'd explore what happens to Ishmael in the chaos of war. I'm wary of using lessons. I's stick with the theme of the affect war has on children using aspects of Ishmael's life to head your major points.