A Lesson Before Dying

what make jefferson and grant a hero

what make Jefferson and grant a hero

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Grant’s refusal to bow down to the saleswoman’s shoddy treatment represents a victory for him. He insists that she give him a new radio, and in the end she agrees. This turn of events does not seem like an immense victory, but it is an important one....tiny moments that make black people feel second-class add up to total oppression. Refusing to tolerate even minor shoddy treatment makes a difference, they are heroic....The fact that Jefferson weeps following Grant’s eloquent appeal for Jefferson’s heroic strength shows that he has begun to listen to and internalize Grant’s thoughts and feelings. Grant’s honesty and his inspiring words begin to convince Jefferson that he can stop acting like an animal and regain his dignity. If Jefferson and Grant have clashed in the past, now they become united in working toward one goal. Gaines stresses this unification with the image of the two men walking together.