A Lesson Before Dying

What do we know about Grant's school days, and how does this inform his own teaching methods

Grant was educated in the 1930s, and 1942 marks his first year as a teacher.

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Although he is more educated than most of the people in his village, he is a disengaged teacher, admitting that he rarely pays attention to his students’ work since he already knows who will do well and who won’t. His school is in a church, and his desk is a table normally devoted to the Sunday collection. In a foul mood, Grant lectures his students about Jefferson’s predicament, giving them a graphic description of electrocution. He then gives them the rest of the day to study, at which point Farrell Jarreau arrives to tell Grant that Henri Pichot is willing to see him that afternoon. Grant is the product of a strict uninspired education which he often caries forwad in his own practice.