A Lesson Before Dying

Questions...a couple chapter 14-22

why does gaines go so much into detail about the christmas play? How does nonverbal communication play a role?

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The weather is cold in the weeks before the Christmas program at Grant’s school, but the turnout for the event is huge because it is dedicated to Jefferson. Reverend Ambrose leads the prayer at the beginning of the show, making a special point of asking God to bless the educated unbelievers (meaning Grant). The children perform carols, a dramatic recitation of the Twelve Nights of Christmas, and a play based on the Nativity. Irene Cole notices that Grant seems to be in a bad mood, but he brushes off her questions (non verbal communication). However, he thinks to himself that the Christmas program is the same every year, like everything else in the quarter. He wonders whether life will ever change for the people there. There is juxtaposition between the joy of the Christmas festivities and Grant's refusal to let go of his anger and frustration over his life.