A Lesson Before Dying

How does Grants voice Change threw out the book?

Grants an angry man, how does he go from angry to soft? Quotations for an example.

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Grant grew up poor, his family was poor, but he proved that will and hard work could afford an education and better life. Unfortunatelt, no amount of education and hard work could change the bias of the community in which he grew up...... he changed, but the rest of the world had not. This made him angry...... and this is the character we meet early on in the book.

Changes in grant are seen during the course of the novel due to his relationships with Jefferson, his Aunt, Tante Lou, and the Reverend. It is because of his interactions with these people that he learns to love and consider others. I don't think I would ever consider him "soft" as you've mentioned above, because he never loses his cynacism or sarcasm......... his hard shell cracks, but it doesn't break. He learns that he can be a part of change, but that the change will take far more than one person.