A Lesson Before Dying

Chapter 18-24 question

The weather(p154)

The description of the river on Grant's walk(p159)

The description of the furnishings in the Pichot home(p155)

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Grant's walk was meant to be one of cleansing. He went to the river hoping to see miles and miles of blue water...... something clean. Unfortunately, what he found was a river that was "high and muddy", unclean..... dirty.

The furnishings in the Pichot home were old; "All the furniture in the room was old. Faded overstuffed chairs; an old overstuffed loveseat; an overstuffed couch, and a rattan rocker with a pillow. The lamp tables were old, and the lamps and lampshades looked just as old."


A Lesson Before Dying