A Journal of the Plague Year

why does the sexton admit the narrator into the churchyard?

the Question is from the book A Journal of the Plague Year.

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The sexton was acquainted with the narrator, that's why he allowed him in.

"I got admittance into the churchyard by being acquainted with the sexton who attended; who, though he did not refuse me at all, yet earnestly persuaded me not to go, telling me very seriously (for he was a good, religious, and sensible man) that it was indeed their business and duty to venture, and to run all hazards, and that in it they might hope to be preserved; but that I had no apparent call to it but my own curiosity, which, he said, he believed I would not pretend was sufficient to justify my running that hazard."


The Journal of the Plague Year/ 4. Burial Pits and Dead Carts