A Farewell to Arms

what is the message this book sends us?

and how does the author of this book send this message through the novel??

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ERNEST HEMINGWAY was shocked by the war. That's why he tries to covey its reality in his book"A FAREWELL TO ARMS". He shows all the negative aspects of the war,trying to make the reader shocked ,as well.

For conveying this message,he uses lots of manners. Employing the first person narration is one of these manners.which make us understand that the narrator tells us about events he eperienced not heard. He wants to draw the experience he lived during the war.

also he uses the mytaphore in his book such as ,rain and dust.and for makin fun, and when the story goes on,we find his book containing a lot of ironic meanings. Which chows us that henry is an ironi man. He means the opposite of what he says.

This is my point of view after reading this novel many times.if someone has any deferent analysis,please,let us know it.thanks

Ernest Hemingway captures many themes in this novel but one theme that stands out the most is death. Hemingway begins the book with death when she tells Fredrick about her dead fiance. He ends the book with death by allowing Katherine to die.

Hemingway also shows irony to the title throughout the novel. After experiencing the death of his fellow soldiers, chaotic scenes, and his own injury, he finally says "farewell to arms" by giving up on the war. He realizes, captivated by Katherine's love, that he must give it up because he loves Katherine too much to allow her to risk losing him like she did her previous fiance. Also, concluding the novel, Catherine has foreseen it all along in her visions of the rain. During childbirth it begins to rain outside and it's a hopeless situation where both Katherine and Fredrick realize it is the end after they lose their baby. Fredrick must say farewell to the arms of his beloved, Katherine.

One final, very important theme of most all of Hemingway's novels is the non-happy ending. If this were a novel like any other Katherine and Fredrick would get married, buy a house, and watch their child grow. Since Hemingway almost never writes that way, he decides to end almost all of his novels in death. This is one of the main reasons why this book became so popular. The ending of the story draws many readers.