A Farewell to Arms

language manner

Shall someone tell us about the language manners that Hemingway uses in his book to convey his message?

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Hemingway uses his signature terse prose to deliver a realistic narrative in the character Henry's point of view. He doesn't use elaborate descriptive phrasing to paint the stories picture, as he has no wish to glorify the subject matter in any way. There is also that Hemingway wit that shines through the text...... without taking away from his topic's serious nature, and yet, gives us a bit of a reprieve. Just like in real life.......... you have to find a little laughter in everything; it keeps you sane.

Hemingway also uses objective correlatives, those tiny but vivid details; crowded trains, gaudy hotel rooms, and banter. These things have no other purpose (but this is an important purpose) except to let the reader feel the mood and tone of events.


A Farewell to Arms