A Farewell to Arms

Compare and contrast

Tenente, Passini, and Manera

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Frederick Henry is the protagonist, main character, and narrator is A Farewell to Arms. The title "Tenente" is most often used in regard to Henry. Henry is reckless, he drinks too much, and as a result, suffers needless injuries. He is, however, quite popular. Henry also falls in love with Catherine.

Manera, like Henry, is a driver. He is also a mechanic. Manera is waiting for the war to end, although he believes retreat... to stop fighting, is the wrong way to go about it. He also believed that the men should not voice their apprehensions. He is killed in the same explosion in which Fred is badly hurt.

Passini is also a driver. Like Manera, he is against the war. His end, however, would include peace without further fighting. Passini is later wounded.


A Farewell to Arms