A Farewell to Arms

An investigation into the ways in which the themes of love and loneliness are presented in WW1 literature.

I am looking at three novels within this essay title and was wondering if anyone had read 'a long long way' by sebastian barry as it is the one Novel that I am struggling to see how the love and loneliness tie together within this novel. I am also strugging to link A farewell to Arms into the essay with the same idea.

Thanks :)

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I haven't read this book in years, but I do remember crying when Willie's father disowned him. This would have been an example of love and lonliness. There's also his relationship with Gretta, and the fact that the relationship just 'was,' neither og them were happy..... they just moved along like their feelings were nothing more than habit.

Thanks :) I shall bear that in mind, I hadnt thought of that.