A. E. Housman: Poems

"On Making an Agreeable Marriage" and "A Vindiction of the Tights of Women" Help?

1. According to Austen in “On Making an Agreeable Marriage,” what is the most

important reason for marrying someone?

A. wealth

B. personality

C. affection

D. respect

2. What is Jane Austen’s purpose in writing to her niece Fanny in “On Making an

Agreeable Marriage”?

A. to tell her about the success of her book

B. to advise her on marriage

C. to share news of the family

D. to discuss their interest in music

3. According to Austen in “On Making an Agreeable Marriage,” what are Fanny’s

two biggest objections to her suitor?

A. He is poor and lives far away.

B. He is generous but lacks confidence.

C. He is selfish and proud.

D. He is too modest and good.

4. Why does Austen tell Fanny in “On Making an Agreeable Marriage” that “I have

no hope of writing anything to the purpose”?

A. She knows little about the man who wants to marry Fanny.

B. She knows that events will have changed before Fanny gets her letter.

C. She does not want to appear to tell Fanny what to do about marriage.

D. She realizes that Fanny will ignore anything she says.

5. As social commentary, what does Austen accomplish in “On Making an Agreeable


A. She consciously analyzes marriage customs of the period.

B. She unconsciously depicts society’s expectations for marriage.

C. She consciously points out the flaws in how society treats women.

D. She unconsciously criticizes how women allow themselves to be treated.

6. What was Wollstonecraft’s purpose in writing A Vindication of the Rights of


A. to call attention how society has limited women’s potential

B. to complain about the lack of education she was given

C. to criticize the education and intelligence of men

D. to discourage women from rebelling against a social system

7. To what does Wollstonecraft compare the minds of women in A Vindication of

the Rights of Woman?

A. the impression of being too frivolous to learn

B. flowers that are planted in soil that is too rich

C. men who have never had the benefits of education

D. children before they go to school

8. What does Wollstonecraft mean in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman when

she says women should “become more masculine”?

A. They should learn to compete with men as equals.

B. They should try hard to make themselves beautiful.

C. They should educate themselves and exercise their bodies.

D. They should not hesitate to use their beauty to gain power.

9. Which vocabulary word correctly completes this sentence?

It took great to speak out for women’s rights as Mary Wollstonecraft did in

the 1700s.

A. scruples

B. vindication

C. fortitude

D. gravity

10. Which definition best fits the italicized vocabulary word in this sentence?

Wollstonecraft compares women to flowers that at first appeal to a fastidious eye

but lose their appeal as age makes their beauty fade.

A. generous; willing

B. thoughtful; wondering

C. false; unearned

D. particular; hard to please

11. In which sentence are commas in a series used incorrectly?

A. Women were made to appear weak, dull, and useless due to social attitudes.

B. With opportunities for education, they became intelligent, self-assured, and


C. They spent their time in dressing, making themselves up, and seeking


D. Men did not appreciate their strengths, their abilities, and their judgment.

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