A. E. Housman: Poems

Essay help with “Speech to Parliament” “A Song: ‘Men of England'' and “On the Passing of the Reform Bill”

12. In “A Song: ‘Men of England,’” Shelley uses numerous images of nature. In an essay,

identify some of these images. How does Shelley use the images to make his point?

To what does he compare them? Explain how you think the images are effective in

supporting his arguments.

13. In an essay, summarize Byron’s argument in “Speech Before Parliament.” What are

the main reasons he gives to support his viewpoint? Is his argument convincing?

Give at least two examples to support your summary.

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12) Bees are a perfect example of metaphor; they symbolize the "worker bees" who serve the queen.

13) Your essay might include Byron's advocacy for social reform, his opposition of capital punishment, and his opposition to laws that compromised one's civil liberties and / or encroached on the private lives of British subjects.


A. E. Housman