A Doll's House

why does the play take place at christmas?

why does the place take place there

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black hat and black cross - symbolizes death

Fisher girl costume - symbolizes Nora’s pretending to enjoy her life.

Italy - symbolizes the good false image of Nora’s life.

Norway - symbolizes reality.

Doll House - symbolizes the tendency of the characters to play roles.

Toys - symbolizes the act of pushing the roles onto Nora’s children.

Macaroons - symbolizes Nora’s deceit to her husband.

Tarantella - symbolizes Nora’s agitation at her struggle with Krogstad and with her husband.

Christmas tree - symbolizes the mood of the play.

Stockings - symbolizes Nora’s attitude trying to please men and her flirting with Rank.

Letter box and letter - symbolizes a trap for Nora and the cause of her demise.

embroidery - symbolizes the stereotypes pressed on woman.

ring - symbolizes the marriage, and the end of it.

skylark - symbolizes the way that Torvald treats Nora like a child.

before we can answer our question, we need to know what does christmas stand for ? it stands for happiness, familly warmth, buying presents,all in all, it symbolizes a state of tranquility which will take place in helmer's house. the play; however, provides us with a cotradictory scene. the husband, torvald, appears unhappy to enjoy christmas because it is a day that demands much money to buy presents and the christmas tree. And torvald is known for him that he does not like to spend money. Nora, on the other hand, is seen cheerful by this spectacular moment esp after helmer has been promoted to head the bank. later when krogstand appears and threathens nora that he would hand the bond to the court, she becomes worried. krogstad will spoil the mood of the familly. Ending by the third act, the family is in a tragic moment in which nora will abandon the house and forget that there is a day called christams where children are waiting to receive presents and the blessing of their parents. Henrik Ibsen chooses this particular day to demonstrate that not all people tastefully experince it. so instead of enjoying the christmas and strengthening the married relationship, we see that they hate each other and decide to break up.