A Doll's House

Why does Nora leave Helmer

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There are many causes which push NORA to be out of Helmer house . Firstly , her husband , Helmer , at last he dicovers the secret which she is keeping from him . This happens when Krogstad sends a letter to the husband of Nora . The letter spoils the happines of home . Secondly , she foresakes her husband because she considers herself like a tool in the hand of both her father and her partner . They always treat her in a childish way . Besides , they do not accept her ideas . Finally , she leaves the home in order not to deprave her children and poison the house .


reading the book

Nora leaves her house because she discovred that all what she knows about herself, her husband and the outside world was wrong.She is no longer sure of anything.she was shoked in the way her husband reacted when he knew the secret , she tought he will defend her and sacrifice himself for her as he always said ,but her husband's reaction was too far from that.his reaction was like an awakning for nora .he asks her to remain in the house,but tells her that she will not be allowed to bring up her own children because he doesn't trust her anymore.he doesn't see the sacrifice she did for him , he is only concerned with saving the appearance.it is only after that krogstad sentthe bond back that he acknolages that what she did was for love , and that he forgives her.

Nora also wants to educate herself, she feels she is unfit to bring up her children.She wants to be able to rely on herself, to be indepandant.She has always been under the authourity of a man .Now she wants to get rid of the assumed role of the submissive pretty wife.not to be a doll in the hand of her husband or of the society, but to have her own identity.