A Doll's House

where does the end of the play lead the audience

does it matter to nora or does it matter what happens to nora after the sound of the door slamming

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I think it is just sad all around. Torvald has a little tirade at the end of the play blaming Nora for his unhappiness. This is just one of the many sacrifices that women must make in this play. Torvald cuts Nora off from her children. When Torvald reads the letter that Helene brings in he changes his mind. Nora, however, has had enough. Under the shadow of an imposing marriage, Nora has lost sight of who she is. She sacrifices her children thinking they will be better off without her. The ending of the play reinforces the sacrifice loss of identity that women go through in the play in order to survive in a man's world. It does matter what happens to Nora. She is leaving her "doll house" in search of something real though not without great sacrifice.