A Doll's House

What is the role of Ms. Lind in the play? Positive or negative?

What is the role of Ms. Lindi in the play? Positive or negative?

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Hey, again positive and negative are such superficial terms for a work like this. Sometimes given as Mrs. Linden (for example, in the 1890 translation by Henrietta Frances Lord). An old schoolmate of Nora's, Mrs. Christine Linde comes back into Nora's life after losing her husband and mother. She worked hard to support her helpless mother and two younger brothers since the death of her husband. Now, with her mother dead and her brothers being adults, she is a free agent. Pressed for money, Mrs. Linde successfully asks Nora to help her secure a job at Torvald's bank. Ultimately, Mrs. Linde decides that she will only be happy if she goes off with Krogstad. Her older, weary viewpoint provides a foil to Nora's youthful impetuousness. She perhaps also symbolizes a hollowness in the matriarchal role. Her relationship with Krogstad also provides a point of comparison with that of Nora and Torvald.If I were forced to use "positive" or "negative" I'd certainly go with positive. DEspite the odds, she pulls off being and independent women which, at the time, was almost unheard off.