A Doll's House

What is the dramatic question and inciting incident in this play?

I can't figure it out. Any help?

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This question can be found answered in detail at the site linked below.

"A Student Guide to Play Analysis"



One thing for you to ponder; the main question here is Nora's own qestioning of her morality. She doesn't know who she is, as she's never been allowed to be anything besides what others have deemed her to be. Her actions are questionable, they're also uncharacteristic; but are they?

Inciting incident- the source for the excerpt below is included at bottom of this text box. Note; the source has a wealth of information if you have any other questions;

Following the plot, the students are asked to identify the inciting event, the event that incites the initial action of the play. In A Doll House, the inciting event is Torvald’s promotion in the bank. Because Torvald is promoted and plans to relieve Krogstad from his position, Krogstad suspecting the worst, approaches Nora in the hope that she can convince Torvald to allow Krogstad to stay on at the bank. Had Torvald not been promoted, Krogstad most likely would have allowed Nora to silently finish paying her debt and kept her secret from Torvald.

Since Krogstad fears losing his job and wants desperately to earn respectability, he threatens Nora so she can help him retain his position.