A Doll's House

What expectations are raised?

this play write may be described as a 'well-mada play': a style of 19th century play with clear-cut protagonists, logical plots, often involving some 'skeleton in the cupdoard' , and usually happy endings. These plays often used stock characters and lines of business. Oscar Wilde used these devices in The Importance of Being Earnest, while Ibsen and Shaw often used the basic form of the well-made plot, but used more realistic and problematic characters. During reading of the first act, note any 'skeltons' which may be developed later in the play. What expectations are raised?

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Nora likes to spend money...... even money that she and her husband don't have. Torvald lets her spend pretty much as she likes, but he also reminds her that she tends to go over the budget. Then we are told that Torvald is to have a promotion in the New Year.... Nora justifies her excessive spending and says that with the money he'll be making she could even buy on credit without worry. The "expectation" of extra money is raised, and it may just cause aq problem later on in the plat.


A Doll's House