A Doll's House

what events lead up to Nora's Leaving?

why did nora leave?

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By today’s standards Nora’s rebellion may not seem so earthshaking, but in 1879 it was considered downright immoral to suggest that a woman might abandon both her husband and her children. By showing Torvald’s romanticized marriage to be an empty dream, Ibsen was exploding the conventional, sentimentalized Victorian ideals of the “little woman” and the “angel in the house.” Nora’s leaving to pursue self-fulfillment challenged so- ciety’s whole concept of the sanctity of marriage, and marks an early call for female emancipation. Check out Nora's time-line. All of them lead up to her eventual departure.

Nora brings home lots of Christmas presents.

She reveals her secret to Mrs. Linde.

She plays hide-and-go-seek with her kids.

Nora is blackmailed by Krogstad, so she begs Torvald to let Krogstad keep his job.

She flirts with Dr. Rank in the hopes of borrowing money.

Nora decides against borrowing from Rank, when he reveals that he is dying and is in love with her.

She is confronted again by Krogstad, who leaves a revealing letter in the mailbox.

She gets Christine to go and talk to Krogstad on her behalf.

Nora dances the tarantella to distract Torvald from the mail.

She rejects Torvald's drunken advances after the party.

Nora says goodbye to dying Dr. Rank.

She finally allows Torvald to read his mail.

Nora confronts Torvald about the demeaning way he treats her.

She decides to desert her family to go on a quest of personal enlightenment.

Nora slams the heck out of a door.


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