A Doll's House

What are the functions of Nora's conversation with Mrs. Linde?

Act I

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We are first acquainted with Mrs. Kristine Linde as she pays a visit to Mrs. Nora Helmer, an old friend with whom she has not had contact in years. Nora did not recognize her at first, but when she does, she says, "Oh how you've changed, Kristine! (974; act 1). Their conversation begins innocuously enough, catching up on personal matters such as Kristine's bereavement and Torvald's good fortune. She also mentions how Mrs. Linde has grown paler, thinner and older (975; act 1). This exchange emphasizes the fact that life has not been kind to Mrs. Linde. Since her husband's death, Kristine had to make ends meet by putting up a shop, teaching and doing whatever else she could find (977; act 1). To Nora, Mrs. Linde was a dedicated and courageous wife and a woman who, at a time when women had little independence, managed to eke out a living for herself and her family.