A Doll's House

The expositions of perior events and definition of nora' dilema? in act 1

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It is apparent that Nora is at least partly aware that her doll-like life is not the only choice. When pressed about whether she will ever tell Torvald about the loan, she replies that she will, in time. For now, she believes that telling him would upset the balance in her home. Nora, however, does not seem want to face the implications of a choice to escape her confinement. She believes that material wealth will render her “free from care,” allowing her not just to repay the debt but also to play with her children, keep the house beautifully, and do everything the way that Torvald likes. The lie about the loan can be preserved. Nora's acceptance of confinement for worldly possessions and the illusion of domestic bliss will become a dilemma that will intensify as the play moves forward.