A Doll's House

nora's slamming door ,shook the 20th century .. discuss

doll's house play

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When Nora slammed the door and walked out on her husband and children, she shocked the wolrd. 20th Century women didn't often leave their husbands, but to leave their children behind was virtually unheard of. Note, women who left their husbands generally understood that they wouldn't be allowed to take their children with, and this if fact was a huge reason women didn't leave.

When “A Doll’s House,” premiered in Copenhagen in 1879, theatre goers were shocked by Nora's character, and her evolution from "trophy wife" to independent woman. Her character redefined women's roles in 20th Century society.


A Doll's House

Nora asserted her rights at a time when women were supposed to be seen and not heard, were to be prim and proper, and were to be subservient to her "man." Nora acted entirely outside the scope of Victorian morality and changed the way we look at women.