A Doll's House

is the play more concern with women rights than human rights with today's audience?

women rights, human rights which one is more empahsized in today society

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I read this play a long time ago. I do remember that the rights of women, in particular, were at the heart of the play. All the major female characters seem to sacrifice something precious to them in order to survive in a male dominated world. Mrs. Linde found it necessary to abandoned Krogstad, the man she loved, for a richer man, the nanny has to abandon her two children to take care of the children of strangers and Nora lives under the social and economic dominance of her husband Torvald. In today's society women in the Western world have made some progress. Women in many other parts of the world still remain in the shadows. They live in servitude to a patriarchal social and economic system. In countries like Afghanistan, India and Iran many women still struggle with the most basics of life.