A Doll's House

In Act 3, What further dimension to Nora's marriage do Torvald's romantic advances to Nora reveal?

Act 3

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THis is kind of creepy. His advances and explanation of his remoteness at parties say a lot about him. The extent of Torvald’s investment in a fantasy world and the importance of his false characterization of Nora are revealed when he describes how, at parties, he pretends not to know her so that he may seduce her all over again. Perhaps more importantly, Nora is quite candid about her understanding of all this, telling him flatly that she knows. If she did not know before, she knows now. She is no longer willing to be an object or an agent of fantasy. If there is one thing she now knows, it is the difference between fantasy and reality. Torval is living very much in illusion. He treats Nora as a doll rather than a real person. His romantic advances towards Nora are completely one sided meant to satisfy his appetites at the expense of any consideration of what Nora might feel.