A Doll's House

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I have been given an essay topic from my English 30-1 teacher to be written on 'A Doll's House'. The topic is... What comment is Henrik Ibsen making about maintaining one's identity in adverse situations? If anyone has any ideas about what to write about please help me, I really need it. Thanks!

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never be afraid of who you are always stand up for youself and never back down to anyone or thing

the question seems somehow complex but though we can still have an answer to it. i would like you my friend to explore with me the identity of nora before we start searching for the answer. nora is like a bird in a cage. she is never mentioned to get outsisde home. this is her identity throughout the play.however, at the end of the play, she takes a bold decision that she no longer can bear being trapped and patronized. as she breaks the line of fear, she breaks this patronized identity. so ibsen puts emphasis on the need for a patronized identity to be formulated and transformed.hope i could answer your question wish you the best friend and bye for now.