A Doll's House

Do you agree with Nora's decision of leaving Torvald and the children?

Is it easy for a women to leave her children behind cause of the bad things she's done.

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Did she leave because of the bad things she had done? Or was she past the breaking point with Torvald's demeaning treatment and made the decision to gain her independence and freedom?

If your reading of the play leads you to believe that Nora did in fact leave due to her moral deficiencies and past transgressions, then I would have to say that Nora's reasons for leaving were understandable and justified. A close reading will reveal that Nora had been convinced that immorality was a virus-like contagion and that it could be passed on to her children by here mere presence.

this is a question that brings about various responses. the play evinces that nora is demeaned by her husband, torvald, throughout the three acts. nora in the third act proclaims her emancipation from the ties of slavery. i support her in that. she has to decide wether she is going to suffer more as a little skylark or she would break the cage to fly. she needs to educate herself the true society is, and as long as she is with helmer, she can never do it. she has to learn that the law does not sympathize even for the sake of someone you love. she has to learn how to rely on her faculty in making money instead of begging torvald. she has to learn too that students are innocent and accept what they get from thier teachers. she invents herself for the comfort of her kids, but her teaching to them will make from them dolls of society. i support her for the decision she takes to avoid her childern the poison she inherited from her father.thanks for this question friend.