A Doll's House

compare nora's and kristine's lives since marriage. Who's better off? explain

cant find this answer anywhere i neeeeeed help!

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Kristina, a widow of a loveless marriage, has come to Nora to beg her husband for a job. She and Nils Krogstad shared a romance in the past, and she ended it to marry her late husband for a large sum of money. At the Helmers, Kristina becomes Nora's confidante and helper as she tries to resolve her problems with Krogstad, the bank, and her husband. She believes Nora must be truthful with her husband and develop a sense of independence, as she has done. Nora on the other hand is treated like a child by her husband. There is animosity with Nora. I'm really not sure who is better off. They are both pretty miserable.